Wednesday September 12, 2018

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Events & Announcements

Sept 15 – Flex On the Beach – Gym Closed. Come cheer on your teammates and enjoy some fun in the sun.
Sept 18 – Morning Classes Only.
Sept 19 – Yom Kippur. Gym Closed

Barbells For Boobs is Sunday Oct 14. Event Shirt Sign Up is at front desk.
Lets surpass the amount we raised last year –

Workout of the Day

Warm Up
2 Sets
10 Cal Row
10 KB Deadlifts
10 Russian KB Swings —–> American KB Swings
30s Plank —–>30s Mountain Climbers

Skills & Drills
Arnold Press

Movement Prep
8 Arnold Press

Hammer Curl

Movement Prep
8 Hammer Curls

Workout Prep
10 KB Swings (workout weight)
10 Mountain Climbers

Part I
5 Sets
30s On/30s Off
-30s Seated Arnold Press
-30s Hammer Curls

*weight should be something you can do for 30s unbroken

Part II

For Time:
Kettlebell Swing (24kg/16kg)
Mountain Climber (R+L=1)

*20/15 Cal Row after each set

Cool Down
1 Min Pike to Squat
1 Min Down Dog to Up Dog
1 Min Childs Pose
1 Min Rebound

Min 1: 30s Free Standing HS Hold
Min 2: 30s L-Sit
Min 3: 30s Triple Under Practice
Min 4: 3/3 Pistol Squats