Wednesday May 9, 2018

Wednesday May 9, 2018

This Week at Flatbush CrossFit
-CrossFit Pre-Teens 7:15pm
-Core 10:30am
-CrossFit Pre-Teens 11am
-Weightlifting 12pm

Workout of the Day

Warm Up
200 Meter Run
Line Drills
Quad Stretch
Knee to Chest
Solider Kicks
Inchworm Push Ups
Cradle Stretch
Walking Samson
Toe Walk
Heel Walk
Side Shuffle
High Knees
Butt Kickers

10 Leg Kicks (side to side/front to back)

Skills & Drills
Ring Dip
Focus: Hollow Body; Rings Close; Elbows Back; Shoulders Below Elbows

Movement Prep
10 sec Ring Support
10 sec Bototm of Dip Hold
5 sec Dip Negative
3 Ring Dips

GHD Sit-Up
Focus: Kick

Movement Prep
8-10 reps

Movement Substitutions:
Scale ROM
Anchored AbMat Sit Up

Workout Prep
200m Run
6 Ring Dips
4 GHD Sit Ups

400m Run
20 GHD Sit Ups
10 Ring Dips

3 Sets
20-30 sec L-Sit
5 Wall Walks (10 sec hold at top)

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