Wednesday June 6, 2018

Wednesday June 6, 2018

Wednesday Schedule Announcements
Pre-Teens CrossFit at 7pm

Workout of the Day

Warm Up
Cone Game
30 Seconds
Push-up to Down Dog
Air Squats
Active Spidermans
Banded Air Squats
Active Samson
With a Light Pair of Dumbbells
5 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
5 Front Squats
5 Strict Presses
5 Reverse Lunges (each leg)
5 Strict Presses
5 Front Squats
5 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

1 Minute PVC Elbow Touches
10 Seated Wall Angel Complexes
10 Squat Stretches

Skills & Drills
DB Hang Squat Clean
Focus: Meet The Bells

Movement Prep
With lighter Dumbbells

3 Pausing Front Squats
3 Hang Power Cleans
3 Hang Squat Cleans

Grab Workout Weight

Handstand Push Up
Focus: Head Position

Movement Prep
10 Second Tripod Position Hold against wall or Bear Crawl Position
10 Second Top Position Hold (Handstand or Bear Crawl
3 Handstand Push-Up Negatives
3 Handstand Push Ups

Handstand Push-up Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
Scale ROM (1-2 AbMats)
Dumbbell Push Press

Snatch Balance
Focus: Elbow Pointed Down

Movement Prep
3 Snatch Grip Push Press
3 Overhead Squats
3 Snatch Grip Push Jerks
3 Snatch Balance

For Time
DB Hang Squat Clean (50/35)
Hand Stand Push Up

Snatch Balance

*Goal is perfect control and landing in bottom of squat.