Thursday July 5, 2018

Thursday July 5, 2018

Summer Event Announcements

22nd – FREE In-house Powerlifting Meet! We need at least 8 men and 8 women who are CURRENT MEMBERS to get this going. Participants arrive at @7am, first lifts will be @8am. This will also a HEALTHY Potluck, bring more goodies!

5th – 2 YEAR FBCF GYM-IVARSARY – save the date for some fun stuff!

Workout of the Day

Warm Up
30 Seconds
Easy Bike
Push-up to Down Dog

Medium Bike
Samson Stretch

Faster Bike
Active Spidermans
Team Relay
Walking Lunge
Broad Jump
Bear Crawl

*Every Athlete on each team must complete a down and back on each movement

1 Min Pigeon Pose/Side

Skills & Drills
Up Down

Movement Prep
3 Frog Hops
5 Up Downs

Double Unders
Focus: Grip

Movement Prep
Establish Hand Position
15 Seconds Quick Single Unders
15 Seconds High Single Unders
15 Seconds Double Under Attempts

Movement Substitutions
Single Unders

Russian KB Swing

Movement Prep
5 KB Deadlifts
5 Hip Pops
5 Russian Swings

Workout Prep
Perform 1 Round of Each AMRAP

100m Run
15 AbMat Sit Ups

-Rest 1 Min-

12 Cal Bike
15 Up Downs

-Rest 1 Min-

12 Russian KB Swings (32kg/24kg)
30 Double Unders