Thursday January 3, 2019

Workout of the Day

Warm Up
3 Sets
90s Row (1 Min Moderate / 30s Recover)
10 DB Sumo DL (workout weight)
2s0 DB Front Rack Hold (solid rack and midline)
10 Up-Downs (no weight)
20s Bar Hang
1 Set
9 DB Deficit Push Ups *Full depth, chest and quads leave the floor same time
9 Ring Rows *Straight body, pulling elbows behind body as far as possible
1 Set
7 DB Up Downs *Flat through back as they stand with the weight
7 Jumping Negative Pull Ups *Control full movement until arms extend completely
5 DB Burpees *Control over weights vs weights pulling body out of position
5 Strict Pull Ups *Hollow Body Throughout (sub 3 negatives or 10 ring rows)

8 Rounds For Time
250m Row
10 DB Burpees (35/25)|(25/15)
5 Strict Pull-ups