Thursday February 7, 2019

Thursday February 7, 2019

Events & Announcements
2019 CrossFit Open is just about a month away. Follow the link below to get signed up and join our community for 5 weeks of awesome fun!

Workout of the Day

Warm Up
“Lumberjacks & Farmers”
With a Light Kettle Bell
5/5 SA Deadlifts
5/5 Hip Pops
5/5 SA KB Swing

Skills & Drills
Hollow Body Hold
Focus: Shoulders & Feet Off Ground; Lower Back Fully on Ground
Movement Prep
10s Ball Up Hold
10s Hollow Hold Reaching for Toes
10s Extended Hollow

5 Sets
200m Run
1 Min Plank
30s Bar Hang
30s Hollow Hold
10 L. Arm Russian KB Swing (53/35)|(35/26)
10 R. Arm Russian KB Swing
-Rest 1 Min-

*For the static holds, accumulate as much time in the position during the allotted time but move on after the time has passed.