Friday March 8, 2019

Friday March 8, 2019

Events and Announcements
19.3 Friday Night Lights will be taking place this Friday, March 8. Heat sign up sheets will be available starting 4:30pm on a first come first serve basis.

Workout of the Day

Warm Up
Line Drills
-Side Shuffle
-Walking Lunge
-Bear Crawl
-Inchworm Push-Up
-Duck Walk
-Crab Walk

1 Min Overhead Wall Stretch

Skills & Drills
Handstand Push-Up
Movement Prep
30s Handstand Hold
3 HS Negatives (5′ target if scaling)
3 Strict HS Push-Ups (5′ target if scaling)

Workout Prep
10′ OH Walking Lunge or Front Rack Lunge
8 DB Box Step Ups
1-3 Strict HS Push-Up
10′ HS Walk or Bear Crawl

CrossFit Games Open Workout 19.3
For Time:

• 200-ft. dumbbell overhead walking lunge
• 50 dumbbell box step-ups
• 50 strict handstand push-ups
• 200-ft handstand walk

M 50-lb. dumbbell / 24-in. box
W 35-lb. dumbbell / 20-in. box

Time cap: 10 minutes

“Non-Open” Version
200′ Single DB Lunge
50 Single DB Box Step-Ups
50 Single DB Press (25 L/25R)
200′ Bear Crawl