CrossFit is a community based fitness program that incorporates strength training, gymnastics and cardio.

CrossFit classes are comprised of exercises involving running, jumping, throwing, pushing, pulling and lifting. Essentially, we train movements that our bodies were naturally meant to do.

Whether your objective is to have a better quality of life or become a competitive athlete, CrossFit’s training methodology is built around universal scalability which means that a new participant and a CrossFit veteran can complete the same workout with respective changes to ensure that workouts are challenging but not impossible.

Our experienced coaches lead 60 minute classes and are responsible for guiding the class through a proper warm up, movement assessment and instruction, that form and movement patterns are correct, and that each individual is fully prepared for the task at hand.

With dedication, hard work and a strong community at your back, our program will not only provide life changing results but it will also teach how you to sustain your newfound healthy lifestyle.