1. Check Your Ego at the Door

    CrossFit is a community of hard workers!

  2. Reserve Your Spot In Class

    To ensure safe training conditions, our classes have a cap on them. Be sure to reserve your spot!

  3. Be on Time!

    Ideally we would even recommend coming in early to check in, stretch and do some additional warm ups before your class begins. If your spot is reserved and you come in late you won’t be turned away from the class. We understand that life happens and things come up, but out of respect to the coaches and your fellow members, please try to be on time so there is little to no distraction.

  4. Hang Out!

    After class is over you are welcome to hang out, work on additional skills and drills and pick your coaches brain about what you can do to get closer to your goals.

  5. Return Your Equipment

    After class, please wipe down your equipment and return them to their proper place.

  1. Be Friendly

    If you see a new face you aren’t familiar with, introduce yourself. We are a strong community built on friendships.

  2. Listen to Your Coaches

    When your Coach is speaking, please listen. Your Coach will guide you based on experience to ensure you have a a safe, fun and effective workout.

  3. Chalk Stays in the Bucket

    Chalk is useful, and at times even necessary. It is also messy. Use as much as you need, but there is no need to chalk up to your elbows. Please keep the excess chalk inside bucket.

  4. Respect the Equipment

    Do Not drop empty barbells (or loaded with 10 pound plates or less), kettlebells or even dumbbells. The more we take care of our equipment the more use we will get out of them and have more toys to play with. Remember, this is your gym!


    If you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong